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Yield, Grade and Pounds = $$$$$$

Al and Mary KnappAt Triple K, we continue to build on a solid cowherd that produces real results. We proudly breed and raise top-quality seed stock which adds growth, maternal benefits, and dollars to your commercial cattle herd. If you sell at weaning or yearling: pounds, yield and grade are everything. Gelbvieh influenced Angus based finished cattle will hit yield grade 1 or 2 and grade choice with more pounds to achieve top dollars selling on the grid.

Triple K Gelbvieh is a family owned and operated seedstock producer. We raise Purebred Gelbvieh and Gelbvieh Balancer bulls and heifers for the commercial cattleman.

Our goal is to produce functional attractive cattle that can perform in the pasture. We work hard to maintain multi trait balanced EPDs (Expected Progeny Differences) in all our mattings. We do not follow the genetic fads but rather focus on staying in the middle using proven A-I Sires. Our cattle are heavy muscled, big footed and structurally correct. Cows have good teat and udders and calve by their 2nd birthday and stay in the herd for 12-15 years. We have been able to positively advance our EPD genetic trends since starting the seed stock operation by using technologies such as:

· Artificial Insemination
· Embryo transfer
· Rigorous Culling
· Yearling ultrasound
· DNA Testing
· Genetic enhanced EPDs

We A-I every cow with the top genetics. We have a fairly aggressive embryo transfer program in place and are always looking for cooperator herds in which to put our embryos.


NEW FOR 2015: We are offering a nice group of fall born bulls and heifers for sale via private treaty. Join us for an open house at the farm on Nov. 18 & 19, 2017 to view the cattle and our operation. Catalog & photos available.


yearling heifers

Recently, We were notified that our herd is comprised of 3.7% Dams of Distinction and 7.4% Dams of Merit, awards given by the American Gelbvieh Association to Gelbvieh females who have proven to have longevity and productivity, key economic traits. 1% of females registered with the AGA qualify as Dams of Distinction and 5.2% as Dams of Merit. Read more here.

Triple K Gelbvieh is a proud member of the:
American Gelbvieh Association
Kansas Gelbvieh Association
Heart of America Gelbvieh Association
NCBA - National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
KLA - Kansas Livestock Association
Gelbvieh Profit Partners
Leavenworth County Beef Improvement Association

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